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Apollo apollo apollo


Apollo before outside:
apollo outside

Apollo after inside:
apollo inside

Because I am so handsome, I was named Apollo after the Greek God. I am one of the young cats from the Group of 40  cats that was recently rescued from the cold outside. You can read about us in the recent media coverage. I am a gorgeous medium-haired beige / fawn-coloured beauty, with the sweetest kindest eyes that smile at you when you look at me. Although I am a very big boy, I am so gentle and a bit like the lion in the Wizard of Oz – a bit of a coward. If there is a loud noise or if you move too quickly, I will quickly hide under something – fearing the worst. That comes from having survived outside. Sometimes people tried to poison us. Others incited their dogs to attack us. Some poured water on us. Some tried to beat us. So, we survived by hiding – as soon as there was a sudden movement or noise. Now that I am inside, I am slowly trusting people a lot more. My foster has patted me many times and I sit back and enjoy it. I used to eat food from my rescuer’s hand outside – I trusted her and enjoyed the yummy treats she would bring me. My claim to fame is that a reporter took my picture while I was still outside  - you can see it in the Ottawa this week article about us. I am only 10 months old. I have been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. I am currently being fostered with Star, and we would really like to be adopted together. She is braver than me and helps me come out of my shell a little more. We are both very playful now and have fun playing with our new toys. As our foster will attest to, we love other cats and get along great with our foster’s cats. We would make great companion cats and would do well in a home with very patient, kind humans that are not in a hurry for us to be lap kitties, and will love us just the way we are.

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