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Cats Rescued: 311

In Memoriam
This page is dedicated to the poor cats who we were sadly not able to help......

November 2011

Dear old Arnold had been outside in the neighbourhood for many years. He was friendly and social, but urgently required medical attention. He was slowly going blind and deaf, and was starting to hobble as he walked around. He had recurrent Upper Respiratory Infections - making it difficult for him to eat, and he started losing weight. He acquired a large gash on his head, and what looked like metal shrapnel embedded in his head. Just before he was brought inside, a member of the community sadly had him euthanized. This was very unfortunate and terrible timing, as we had arranged for an experienced foster with medical knowledge to help poor old Arnold receive the vet care he required; where he would have enjoyed the remainder of his days in the comfort of a warm home with ample food and water.

arnold  arnold

November 2011

The passing of sweet little Été, of the Four Seasons Kitten Family represents the hardships and struggles that all the homeless cats face outside. This passing stresses the urgency we face in bringing inside these cats and kittens.

In this case, Été was fortunate to have died peacefully in her sleep – snuggled up with her mother and siblings. She was warm, had a nice cozy bed, and her little belly was full.

Many of the cats outside are not as lucky, and die painful and slow deaths outside in the cold by not having their injuries and illnesses treated.

Été died at four weeks old, and is survived by her sister Printemps, brother Hiver, and mother Automne.

ete  eteete
        (Click for a larger image)

Also - A video of her sipping her special kitten fomula.



May 25, 2012

Sweet, handsome, gentle Apollinaire did not survive his sudden on-set infection. Everything was attempted to save his life. His rescuers and fosters are devastated and broken-hearted over his death. This handsome sweetheart is dearly missed, and will always remain in our hearts......


September 29th, 2013

Sweet old affectionate Lucy, who was collected motionless from a path by a good samaritan, was very weak when she came in with kidney problems. She rallied and started getting better after a week at the vet's, but took a turn for the worse and died peacefully on her own of renal failure. We are all heart-broken that we were not able to save this sweet affectionate 15-17 year old....


February 12, 2014
Our beloved, beautiful, playful and spunky girl died suddenly and tragically at the vet's. Carrington did not seem well the night prior, and was brought to the vet the next morning, where she suddenly died on her own. Our sweet girl was only 2.5 years old; one of the Group of 40. Sadly, she spent all her time in foster homes and never knew what it was like to have her own permanent home. We are particularly devastated as she had been with us since we brought her inside as a kitten....


April 23, 2014

Sweet little STAR passed away peacefully today - while being stroked by the only person who showed her kindness and love throughout her short but difficult life. We are not sure if she was born outside or if she was one of the kittens/cats thrown outside by relatives when their owner died. She went into heat at a very young age, and had her 1st litter outside when she was only a baby herself  - at about 4-5 months old. She had another litter of kittens at 7 months old, but because she was so frail and starving, both of these litters perished. She slept on a garbage can close to a porch - for protection from the male tom cats that were continually after her. When we finally brought her inside, she had to have her foot stitched from being badly cut on glass that had been smashed on the road. She was so terrified of all people and everything. We later found out that she had many infections in her mouth, and despite being such a young cat, most of her teeth had to be pulled. After that, she became a different kitty, and learned to play with toys for the first time in her life. She adored her "brothers" Apollo & Blue whom she was usually snuggled with or playing a game of chase or hide & seek with. Over the past year, she had several relapses with her health, but she had the best 8 months of her life. She was playful and having lots of fun - being the kitten she never had the chance to be. She showed her appreciation and gratitude to her caregiver when, for the first time ever, she jumped up onto the couch and lay in his lap - one week before getting sick this last time.... Life was not fair to this poor young girl, as it is not to all the homeless cats outside..... We are so upset at how unfair life was to our sweet little Star and she will be greatly missed.....

star star

May 3, 2014

Sweet little NUNO (aka WALDEN) was rescued from the side of a highway out in the country, where he was found almost dead 1.5 years ago. He was starving, severely under-weight, had a broken femur, a broken tail that was so badly infected that it was going to have to be amputated, and severe digestive problems. He won the lottery when he was adopted by a loving home who nursed him back to health and gave him all the love he wanted for the next 1.5 years. He became strong, his tail didn't require amputation, he gained weight, and had a feline sister that he was bonded to and loved to play with. It is heart-wrenching that after doing so well and going through so much, he was not able to overcome a viral infection. We are all heart-broken that he didn't make it, and his adopted family are particularly devastated. Our only consolation is that for the past 1.5 years, he was happy, safe, well-loved and well-fed, and knew what it felt like to be well-loved in a permanent home.......

nuno nuno nuno nuno nuno

March 14, 2015

Dear old FLUFFY first started being fed outside in 2011. He was so timid that it took a while to get him inside. He was approximately 19 years old when he finally came in. His rescuer knew that an older un-socialized cat would not have the greatest prospects, so fostered him to give him a comfortable life. For the 8-9 months, FLUFFY was terrified of people and kept to himself. One day, he ventured out into the living room with other foster kitties, and suddenly became quite affectionate. In fact, he became the most loving and affectionate cat there was! He was the first cat to greet his foster at the door, slept with his paw in his foster's hand, and was glued to his foster's side. FLUFFY taught us all so much what love and patience will do.... With grieving hearts, FLUFFY joined the angels today., continuing to show his affection and love right to the end. He went to sleep at home with his head on his foster's arm. RIP our sweet little angel, who taught us all so much....


Tributes to Fluffy

March 28, 2015

We are so heart-broken and devastated with the passing of SOCKS. Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue started with SOCKS and his descendants; he was pretty well the founder of the Rescue and a rescuer in his own right! He was the patriarch and father of so many cats that we fed outside and brought inside, that his legacy lives on through them. SOCKS was blind, deaf, very arthritic, and had no teeth. When we brought him inside one cold winter night in 2010, the poor cat had icicles hanging out of his nose. He was somewhere between 12-15 years of age, and his only contact with humans had not been very favourable. He was a "dirty old tomcat" to most people in the neighbourhood - who shooed him out of their yards. Someone had tried to unsuccessfully bring him inside many years back when he was just a young cat, but that resulted in his leg being broken and him getting away, so poor old Socks limped while his broken leg healed crookedly on its own. However, his new life started when his guardian angel adopted him - knowing full well that he was not a socialized cat. His guardian angel was very patient with him, and after a year or so, he slowly allowed her to pat him. He soon really started enjoying the affection and called to her whenever he wanted snuggles. He lived the life of luxury - never lacking fresh water, delicious food, and was taken regularly to the "salon" to have his nails done and coat looked after, as he was not able to groom himself too well with the arthritis. Sadly, after many years in his new life, SOCKS' body was tired and was ready to go. Surrounded with the love from his family, SOCKS went to the Rainbow Bridge. SOCKS was the epitome of the struggles that homeless cats face - in particular from people. His long life was a testament to his strong survivor instinct. We will miss him greatly where he will be forever cherished in our hearts....

socks socks socks socks

Tributes to Socks

April 4, 2015

The hardest thing about "Rescue" is not being able to save them all.... We so so wish that SAMMIE could have lived happily ever after with his best friend MIAOW after having lived such a tough life outside.... He was brought inside at around 2 years old from the Glebe, and was sent to a foster home in Vanier where the landlord left the door open and poor SAMMIE got out. After 1.5 years, SAMMIE was found again! He was brought to the Emergency Hospital by the lady who had been feeding him for the past 1.5 years in Overbrook while he was "lost" - because his back end seemed paralyzed after she found him frozen and stuck under a fence. After spending several weeks in a Vet Clinic and undergoing surgery thanks to the efforts of so many people who cared and raised funds for his medical care, SAMMIE went to a foster home with MIAOW. He slowly got better day by day, and after a month, was soon running around and playing chase with MIAOW. They were ready to leave their foster room and go to a home with more space, when suddenly disaster struck and SAMMIE was back in hospital... He died one week later, and we are so devastated that we were not able to save him and give him the long happy pampered life he so deserved with MIAOW. We are completely heart-broken and devastated that we weren't able to save him. RIP sweet MIRACLE SAMMIE - you will remain in our hearts forever....


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