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Cat for Adoption

Felix felix felix felix

Domestic Medium Hair-Black And White

My name is Felix. My rescuer believes that I was either abandoned or dumped, because I am very well house-trained. I was outside on my own for a long time, and was starving and pretty dirty. My coat was dull and had lots of “dread-locks”, and I had cuts all over my body. But since my rescuer has been feeding me, I now have a shiny clean coat again. I am a big male, black & white medium-haired Maine Coon mix. I am very gentle and non-aggressive. I don’t like fights, which is why I got picked on all the time outside.

Many cats beat me up. I tried to run away like Forest Gump, but sometimes I couldn’t get away, and I got beat up pretty badly. The only rest I got was to take a little snooze beside my foster when she was outside, and I was protected from being beat up by the other cats. I am very affectionate and can’t wait to have a permanent home again.

I was adopted with Kisha, however we are now both looking for a home together again. I am very gentle and enjoy playing with Kisha. We both love ton perch on our cat tree together - which comes with us! When you're on the computer, that's when I love to sit in your lap and cuddle, or when you're watching tv on the couch. I am a sweet big gentle giant.

I have been checked by a vet, de-wormed, neutered and micro-chipped.

Please give Kisha and I another chance at finding our "permanent" home together. We are terrified of dogs because they used to chase us outside. (In fact, my rescuer pulled a pit bull off me with her bare hands when I was still outside - so I could escape being bitten!) So we would do better in a home without dogs, but we are great with kids! We would love a home where we get lots of attention. We are indoor cats only.


Kisha kisha Kisha Ottawa Rescue Cat Kisha Ottawa Rescue Cat

Tabby-white and grey male

I have finally come inside, and am so happy to be in from the cold and no longer hungry! My rescuer has been trying to get me to come in for a year, but I was too smart and scared. My rescuer was persistent though, because I fathered 12 kittens that she knows of and rescued, so something had to be done.

I was previously nick-named "Bully" because I used to beat up all the cats outside. I fought with Socks and Felix and a host of other cats over food and territory, and as a result, I had gashes and abscesses all over my body. The worst one I had was on the top of my head near my ear - you could actually see the bone (my skull). That's when my foster decided it was enough, especially since I was having troubles breathing because of the icicles hanging out of my nose.

My rescuer had befriended me enough that I was trusting her more & more, and one day she just snatched me with her bare hands and brought me inside! That was the happiest day in my life (except for being at the vet's for 9 hours!). Because my long coat was so badly matted (the worst the vet had ever seen), it got completely shaved off. I now look like a tiny kitten with big feet! I was neutered and de-wormed, and received antibiotics for all my wounds. I feel so much better and am so happy now, that all I do is purr. As soon as I see my foster or a visitor, I just crawl into their laps to snuggle and purr. I put my paws around their necks and rub my face in their face. Everyone thought that I would not be able to be handled because I was so wild outside, but now that I am inside, warm, safe and have food; I am the sweetest, gentlest most affectionate pussycat. And I love other cats! When I meet them now, I like to kiss them on the nose to say hello! And I am extremely handsome.

I am a long-haired white cat with black and grey tabby markings on my back. I too am a Maine Coon mix. I have a very bushy black tail, and big green eyes who look at you adoringly. Please give Felix & I a safe, warm permanent loving home together. I never want to have to go through starvation and the cold outside again. And I, in return, will be your most loyal and affectionate companion.

Felix and I lived together in our adopted home for almost 1.5 years. We are always besides one another, and we enjoy each other's company and would like to be adopted together. Please give us another chance at finding our "permanent" home together.... and I will be your affectionate cuddly lap kitty. I also earn my keep! (In my adopter's home, I regularly caught mice and had these "presents" ready for my adopters in the morning!)

Kisha Ottawa Rescue Cat