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Cat for Adoption

Socks socks socks socks

Black and white Male

Socks was born in the city streets of Ottawa about seven years ago. He was first seen as a small kitten, trying to find food and fend for himself in the city streets. As the years went by, Socks grew older and wiser, but life outside took its toll on poor old Socks. The fact that he survived 7 years is a testament to his ability to survive, despite all odds. Seven years of living outside is the equivalent of  14 / 15 years of comfortable indoor living. Over the years, Socks has had two broken legs (which healed crookedly on their own), upper respiratory infections, known starvation, cold and human abuse. Sadly, despite being known in the neighbourhood, not one person tried to help Socks and bring him to a vet. He is now practically blind, has arthritis and rheumatism from his previously broken limbs and almost deaf. He continues to hobble around the neighbourhood at the speed of an aged senior citizen. He will not survive another winter outside.
He loves kittens and is great with them. He is often left in charge of the kittens, while the mother cats go off and try and find food for their families…..

If you have any space in your home and in your heart for this gentle soul that needs a warm place to finish his days, please contact us:

Great news - Socks has been adopted by his guardian angel! After all the suffering and difficulties Socks has experienced throughout his hard life on the street, he is now living a comfortable life in a home where he is well loved and well cared for. He has a bed and a home he can finally call his own. And the best food to eat and unlimited unfrozen water to drink whenever he needs. He even has a couple of new friends to play with!