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Spice Family
Ottawa Rescue Cat  Ottawa Rescue Cat


Calico mother cat "Nutmeg" and her brother "Cocoa" (both only 10-month kittens themselves) are currently looking after her 1 remaining kitten together.

Ottawa Rescue Cat

Nutmeg and Cocoa: We are a brother and sister, Cocoa and Nutmeg, and want be adopted together. We have gone through a lot together in our short little lives so far, and have always been together throughout it all. We were born in a field and grew up without much food. We are not sure if we had other siblings who may not have lived, but the two of us survived. Nutmeg, our mother and I scrounged around garbage cans for food. We were quite dirty and unkempt. I, Cocoa, have such long fur, that it was such a matted mess, and I was terribly uncomfortable. As we got older, we left our mother, but Nutmeg and I always stayed together. Our rescuer, who had been following our lives and trying to help us, put a little cat-bed outside on the step for Nutmeg and I. I guarded my sister night and day, and was very protective of her. However, one day Nutmeg got pregnant from a tom cat, when she was still a young kitten herself. She actually had her litter of seven kittens (the Spice kittens) only one month after our mother gave birth to another litter of kittens outside. (Luckily our rescuer brought in our mother and those kittens as well.) Nutmeg and I raised the Spice kittens as a team. I am very gentle, and protected the kittens as much as I protected my sister. However, because there were so many of them and they were rather cheeky, one day the Spice kittens all went through the fence and into our rescuer's yard. Our rescuer was able to grab the  kittens and bring them inside. Nutmeg, being the wonderful mother that she is, went to protect her babies and found herself inside as well. I, Cocoa, was a little more hesitant in going inside.... I didn't understand doors and didn't like the feeling of being trapped. I would go in to eat and be with Nutmeg and the Spice kittens, but as the door started to close, I would jump back outside.  Eventually, I started appreciating the regular food and comfy beds, and starting staying inside longer. One day, our rescuer closed the door, and off we went to our foster home from there.

I was immediately taken to the vet and neutered, to make sure there would be no more kittens. My coat was so badly matted and I had so many burrs in my tail, that my coat was all shaved off and cleaned up. Once Nutmeg had finished nursing the Spice kittens, she was spayed.  The Spice kittens have now all been spayed / neutered as well. We have all been de-wormed, de-fleaed, vaccinated and received our booster vaccinations.

I'm a little more shy (Cocoa) and will take longer to trust you. However, my sister (Nutmeg) is much more outgoing than I am, and it doesn't take her long before she lets you pat and scratch her all over. She will jump up on your lap and sleep with you. I am still cautious and protective of my sister, so will watch over her from a distance, to make sure she is safe. Please give us a chance to have the permanent home together we have never yet known. We would enjoy having access to a fully enclosed yard, but if not, we are happy as indoor kitties now. 

Curry: I am the last remaining Spice kitten - all my Spice sisters and brothers have been adopted. I am a sweet beautiful calico kitty like my mother, with a lot of white on my face. I am extremely playful and energetic. You can sure hear my play when I do - I bounce around and jump a lot! I love people and enjoy the attention and being patted. I enjoy cuddling up in bed with my foster at night. Please adopt me into a home with other kitties to play with - I love other kitties and am used to being in a big family! Alternatively, I would also be very happy being adopted with my mom Nutmeg and Uncle Cocoa. I have been spayed and vaccinated and am all ready to go!