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Star star x  


I was named "Star" by my foster because I am a cute little ebony kitten, with a tiny white star on my chest. I have shiny black fur, and am very healthy now. This was not the case when I came in.

I had my first litter of kittens at a very young age - when I was only about 4 months old. I was so tiny and thin, and was so scared of everything. I slept on a garbage can near a porch - for protection from the male tom cats. I had another litter of kittens (two of them) in the fall of 2011, at seven months old. Sadly, my kittens died; likely as a result of my being too malnourished and not able to provide my babies with any milk. As I tried to scrounge for food to feed my kittens, I got a very deep cut in my foot. Someone had smashed a glass bottle outside, and it sliced my paw open.

Thankfully, my rescuers brought me in on time. I was given the medication I required and had the gash in my foot sewn up. I have since been spayed and vaccinated, and am ready to be adopted. I get along well with other cats, and would do well in a home with other cats to bond to. If you want a companion for your cats, and are patient to wait for me to trust you, I am your cat!  I trust my rescuer and my foster enough to let them pet me, but it took a while for me to build that trust. Please give me a chance. I am currently being fostered with the handsome Apollo, and we would be very happy to be adopted together!


star star star
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