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Cats Rescued: 311


Application to Adopt

Please complete this form if you are interested adopting a cat(s). Complete this form and then click the Submit button. It may take a day for us to contact you. Please be sure that you have reviewed the Adoption contract.

Personal Information - This is required but will not appear on the web page.

Address: (Street name & number, city, prov, postal code)
Phone number: (Include area code)


Animal Contact History

Your Veterinarian Phone Number
Your Occupation/Employer
Number of people in your home
Number of children and ages
Is anyone in your household allergic to cats?
If someone becomes allergic to the cat, how will this affect the future of the cat?
Who will be responsible for the cat's daily care?
Do you currently have pets?
If Yes....
Name/Type Age Sterilized?
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

If you have no pets then have you had pets in the past?
Yes No

If yes, where are they now?

Have you ever fostered an animal?
Yes No

For whom?
If you have a cat, has it been declawed?
Yes No
If Yes Please explains reasons:
Where will the animal be kept during day and night?

Will there be other people responsible for caring for the animal
Yes No


Primary reason for adopting?
What type of dwelling do you live in?
House Other
If you rent, does your landlord permit cat(s)?

Yes No
If you are pregnant or get pregnant, how will this affect the future of the cat?
How much will you budget / year for:

Basic Vet Care

Litter boxes / toys / beds / scratching posts / food / treats / etc?

For food & litter per month?

What arrangements have you made for the cat’s care when you go away for a weekend / holiday / emergency?
Are you prepared to commit to this cat for its entire lifetime?
How much time & thought have you put into adopting this cat?
Which cat did you have interest in or additional comments?