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Bella & Bambina bnb bnb bnb

Domestic Short Hair-Black:

Bella & Bambina - an inseparable mother/daughter team.

I'll never forget the first time I saw Bella's little Bambina - a little black fluffball, no bigger than my palm. Out she sneaked from under a fence post to dance in a beam of sunlight that filtered through the tree branches. She could barely walk, and was probably called back to safety quickly, as she soon disappeared back through the little crack from whence she had appeared....

Bella had started coming to eat food that I left out for my cat about two months prior, and was eating pretty ravenously. I suspected she must be feeding others due to her voracious appetite, and seeing little Bambina confirmed it - she was a carbon-copy of her mother.

A month or so later, little Bambina started accompanying her mother on walks to my porch to get the food. She obviously was the only one of the litter that survived. By now it was almost winter, and little Bambina would not make it through a cold Ottawa winter. She and her mother were outgrowing their hollowed-out fence post where she was born.

They were brought inside in November 3119, and it has been rewarding to see the change from frightened starving ferals, to playful happy cats who sleep on their foster's bed. They are an inseparable mother/daughter team, and even though little Bambina has long been weaned, they are inseparable. They play together, eat together and cram into the tightest places - just to sleep together.

They are still quite shy with people, and are looking for gentle patient humans who would play with them and love them.

Bella & Bambina are sleek kitties with shiny black coats, with a tiny tuft of white on their chests. They have big green eyes.