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Kitten for Adoption



I am the handsome, gorgeous sweet Apollinaire, named after the French poet and art critic, Guillaume Apollinaire. (I don't think Guillaume was as handsome as I am though!) That name was chosen for me since I am as gorgeous as Apollo! I am a long-haired, fawn / beige-coloured young male kitten - also only about 10 months old. I too am playful, although I am a little more shy than Smoke. I sure enjoy playing and wrestling with Smoke, and when it was really cold outside, we snuggled together to keep warm. I am a very peaceful, gentle, sweet cat. I am not at all an alpha-male - quite the opposite actually - I'm a bit of a chicken! I would therefore do well in a home with other cats, as I am super gentle and kind. I too have been vaccinated, neutered and vet checked, and am ready to be adopted. I would love to be adopted with my outside survival companion, Smoke, if at all possible.