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Caitlin caitlin caitlin        


I'm a very cute short-hair tuxedo girl, with a glossy coat and big green eyes. I have a very distinct white stripe down my the middle of my nose, dividing my face in half.

I was rescued from the middle of a busy traffic circle late one night, as I was running towards my rescuers across the road. They were panicked that I was going to get hit by the busy traffic, so they scooped me up. They tried to find my home and family, but they were unable to. So they took me home to keep me safe, as I was following them out into the road and and having close calls with the traffic. I spent my first night inside in their bathroom, and then went to the vet's the next day.

A lot of effort went into finding my family. Ads were posted, posters plastered in the neighbourhood, and reports filed for me at all the shelters and local vet clinics, but no one came forward to claim me. It is therefore suspected that I was abandoned. :(

I was quite plump, so everyone initially thought that I was pregnant, however that turned out not to be the case. However, since there were no foster homes for me with the Rescue, and it was suspected that I was pregnant, I was taken in by another Rescue where I could have my kittens. I didn't end up having kittens there, but received my name! When it was evident that I was not pregnant, and that I was scared of other cats, I was sent back to Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue where I went into a foster home where I was the only cat in the home.

I am quite scared of other cats, dogs and young children, so would love to be adopted into a quiet home where I will get lots of attention! I love being petted and loved and am very affectionate. However, because I was previously traumatized, I would need to go to an experienced cat person who can read my signals. Sometimes I get over-excited and over-stimulated, and will swipe and nip for no apparent reason to the human! (There is a reason for it and I would therefore need an experienced and/or patient person who understands what I have been through.)

I am ready for my permanent home anytime! I am spayed, vaccinated and de-wormed! I am super affectionate and want to be glued to you at all times - including sleep-time. If you are patient, gentle and kind and have no young children, cats or dogs, will you adopt me? I will make sure to provide enough affection so that none is needed from anyone else!




caitlin caitlin caitlin      



caitlin caitlin caitlin