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Cowcat cow cat cow cat cow cat

I need a new name! I was given this nickname by my rescuers and the people who were feeding me outside because of my markings. The patches on my coat reminded them of a Holstein Friesian cow!

And I am a very gentle soul like a cow! I am the kindest, most affectionate sweet grateful cat you will ever meet! I was born outside to a feral mother under a deck. Some kind people started feeding us, so my siblings, mother and I all started hanging out on the deck. Sadly, one by one, my siblings disappeared. It is believed that they all died..... :(

I had one brother left, and we adored each other. We were always together, and in the winter, we cuddled and huddled to try and stay warm.

Sadly, my favourite bonded brother disappeared. My rescuers waited months to bring me in, because Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue wanted us to stay together. The managers of the area we live in trapped us cats living outside, and it is suspected that my brother was trapped and taken away, or killed. :(

So, I had a few lonely months by myself outside... I desperately wanted a home, and followed anyone who gave me attention, but to no avail....  I desperately missed my brother and was affectionate with every cat who came by, but they weren't interested in me either. I thought that if I was the most adorable, sweet affectionate cat, no one could resist me, and I would find a home where someone would finally love me and care for me.

But it didn't work, so I was stuck outside by myself. :(

I was finally brought in by the Rescue, but I am still urgently looking for a permanent home, because I do not have a long-term foster home. I was taken to the vet, and everyone at the clinic commented on what a sweet boy I was. They said I was also very handsome and healthy! I am about 15 months old. I tested negative for FIV and for feline leukemia. I have been neutered, de-wormed and received my vaccines. Everything had been done, and I am all ready for my permanent home. What are you waiting for?

Since I have been in a short-term emergency intake foster home, I am so happy! I am so grateful, that it makes it almost impossible to take pictures of me because I want to be petted and loved, or curled up on your lap!

I get along great with other cats too. I am very gentle. I met some of the resident cats in my foster home. We just sniffed noses and then ate together and became friends.

I am a very sweet, non-aggressive boy. I would love to be adopted to a home with a young brother, because I really miss my brother and having a feline friend to play with and cuddle with. If you are ready to receive lots of love, please adopt me!


cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat
cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat



cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat cow cat