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Edward (Eddie)

I'm a gorgeous long, lean sleek black cat with a shiny coat. I have gorgeous orange eyes. I was found frozen on the side of the road in Edwards (hence my name). My rescuer was driving by and when she noticed me, she picked me up and brought me home. She posted me on several sites and on the internet, but my family could not be found.

My rescuer housed me temporarily for a couple of days in the room where her rabbit pen was. A couple of days afterwards, I was taken in by the Rescue. I was taken to the vet, where it was determined that I was about 1year old. I had no microchip or any other identifying info. I was not neutered, so I have since been neutered and vaccinated. I was declared a very healthy cat, and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

From my emergency intake foster home, I was moved to a longer-term foster home. I was very happy when I arrived here, and gave my foster kisses on the nose. Although I was initially shy with people, I am very cuddly and affectionate with my foster and love to snuggle on her lap. As soon as I met my foster's cat (after being in my integration room first) I showed him my love as well. It only took us a couple of hours after meeting for the first time before we were sleeping together and grooming each other. I really enjoy the company of other cats, and would love to be adopted to a home with other gentle felines.

Now that I am part of the household, I sleep on my foster's bed every night. My foster enjoys snuggling with me. I am so happy to be inside and no longer frozen outside, that I can't stop showing my love and gratitude to my foster. If you adopt me, I will be just as affectionate with you! Thanks for helping me.


edward edward


edward edward


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