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Mama Cat and Kittens for Adoption

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Automne: I am a 10-month old tiny tortoiseshell mother cat. I am petite, cute, and have the sweetest little meow. I get really excited when I see my caregivers, then I purr and rub my head everywhere I can. I get particularly excited when I am given some yummy food, and start my cute little meowing. I am quite a chatty cat, and chat to my kittens all the time. Because I spent most of time outside, I am still a little shy of new people, and it will take me a while to get comfortable with you and trust you. I will come up to you, rub my head against you, and let you pat me - only once I trust you. I have a lot of family members outside, and because of this, I get along great with other cats. In fact, I would do well in a home with other cats to play with. Ideally, someone would adopt my two remaining kittens and I together, as we have so much fun. I am a great mother, especially considering I am still just a young kitten myself! I will be spayed and vaccinated after my kittens have been weaned. We are a small family, part of " the group of 40" rescued from outside, and would love to stay together.
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printemps Printemps:I am a female calico kitten. I am super energetic, curious, and social, and love exploring new things.  I love people, and as soon as I hear my caregivers stir, I am very vocal at letting them know where I am and that I want lots of attention! I am in great health now. When we were brought in, we were all very sick.
hiver Hiver:I am a gray and white male kitten, and a mama's boy. I am just starting to eat solid food, but I prefer nursing. My mother's milk is my favourite food. I love cuddling up with my mom, and miaow at her often - to make sure I get my milk and cuddles. I love playing with my sister Printemps, but I am not quite as brave as she is. She is much more of a daredevil than I am. I am quieter and love to be cuddled and held. I too am in great health now, but this was not the case when we were brought in. Had we not been brought in when we were, we would have all suffered and perished outside in the cold.
ete Été: Sadly, little sister Été did not make it. View Été's memorial.

Hiver Me'n my Mom Yes? Snuggling
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