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Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire fred and ginger fred and ginger fred and ginger  

Ginger Rogers:

I am an adorable, sweet, gentle 5-month old male kitten that turned up from nowhere! I got my name because Fred Astaire was being brought inside - just before I arrived. He's a handsome fellow in a tux who already had his name. I was such a sweet pretty little kitty, everyone thought I was a girl, so the name "Ginger Rogers" was chosen! However - surprise....!! I turned out to be a boy! That's OK - we still make a pretty tight little dance team!! I am lucky to be alive, as I came in totally by fluke. My rescuer was trying to bring another cat inside, when all of a sudden, my life changed. I had been outside for a while, and smelled some yummy food. I went to investigate and quickly gobbled some down because I was so hungry. The next thing I knew, everything got very scarey..... I suddenly found myself in a pen, and was very unhappy. I wailed and hissed to be let out. I was then taken to the vet's - where I poked and prodded, examined, de-wormed, de-fleaed and vaccinated. From there, I went to my foster home, and there I changed and became the most loving little boy. I would get so excited for attention - that I would be all over anyone who wanted to give me attention. Not right away though - you have to earn my trust! When someone patted me, I drooled all over the place with pleasure! I need a bib, as I do tend to get quite soaked with the more pats I get! I also kneaded everything and everyone. [It is suspected that I do this because I was taken away from my mother at a young age. No one knows how a baby like me ended up getting lost outside though.....? No one claimed me or was even looking for me..... :-( ] I even knead when I eat, although I may grow out of this habit. In my early days, despite being as hungry as I was, I was not able to eat unless I was patted. My foster had to stand beside me and pat me - for me to eat! It was quite tricky getting pictures of me - because I was so excited of the attention. Each time my photographer tried to get a picture, I thought this was an opportunity for cuddles, so I jumped in her lap, perched on her shoulder, rubbed my face on my photographer's face, tried to wrestle her hand away from the camera so it could give me pats instead.... I stuck my nose all over the camera, so there were lots of pictures of just my nose! I love tummy rubs, and can't get enough of those. I was quite lonely by myself in my foster room, and cried a lot at the beginning. I didn't want to be left by myself and needed lots of attention. I was promised a friend, but it took a while for Fred to join me. And when my buddy Fred Astaire arrived, I was pretty scared of him at first. He was pretty ticked about everything, and made it known that he was unhappy. I hid from him and ignored him until he cooled down. Then one day, he joined me at my perch on the window ledge, and that was it! We became fast friends and now we are very bonded to each other. If I get scared from hearing a scarey noise, or meeting a big new scarey person, I hide behind my Fred for protection. In fact, I now prefer Fred's company to my foster's - much to her chagrin. I still like getting my affection from her, but Fred & I love playing together! We have become a great little dance team, and would love to be adopted into a permanent home together - preferably into a home with friendly kitties for us to play with! We will keep you & your cat(s) entertained with our dancing!


I am now over a year old, and have spent most of my life in foster care. I am up to date on vaccines and have been neutered. Fred Astaire and I are in a new foster home, where we get the run of the house. We share it with an older cat, but he's pretty grumpy and doesn't hang out with us much, so we leave him alone.  I have grown out of my drooling - by stuffing things in my mouth! I love carrying toys around the house in my mouth! I can’t resist playtime and the best way to make friends with me is to get me to chase a toy on a string. I am still super affectionate, but you need to earn my trust before I will accept your pets! I love hiding in curtains or under table cloths and anything that hangs! One of my favourite activities is to give baths to my Fred Astaire. I have a cute way of sleeping curled up, with my nose in my tail. I love sleeping on couch poufs and big pillows or piles of clothes. I am still a cute little kitten at heart and still have a little squeaky kitten mew. My fosters are moving. I wish they could take us with them, but they are moving out of town, so Fred and I need a home ASAP.

    fred and ginger fred and ginger

ginger rogers ginger rogers ginger rogers ginger rogers    

Fred Astaire:

I am the handsome, talented Fred Astaire - ready to break into a dance move at any moment! I was first spotted in the neighbourhood - hanging around various porches. At first, it was thought that I had a home, and was just hanging out. I am thin, but kept my tuxedo shiny and glossy, and am quite meticulous with my appearance. However, it soon became apparent as I ran and cowered when approached, that I was homeless and had nowhere to go. My rescuer was putting food out for another homeless cat, when I gratefully found the supply. I kept coming by for the food more and more frequently, as the weather got colder and colder... So, plans were made to bring me inside, however I took my time! I was eventually brought in (after too long of a wait for my Ginger Rogers who was impatiently awaiting my arrival), and taken to the vet. I was declared a healthy, disease-free one year old male. I tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. I am now neutered and vaccinated. After the vet's, I was taken to my foster home, where Ginger was waiting for me. However, I still had not met Ginger and was pretty unhappy about my ordeal at the vet's. It sure scared me - being poked and prodded by people that were unknown to me. So I kept to myself in my foster home, and hissed and growled if anyone got too close. I wasn't ready for a repeat of the poking and prodding. Eventually I understood that my foster was trying to help me, so I no longer hissed at her - unless she came in too quickly and scared me. I now like sniffing her fingers and allow her to give me brief pats - when bribed with food. However, finding my Ginger was wonderful for me. He understood what I was going through, since the same thing had happened to him! One day I perched on the window ledge beside him and that was it - we became a tight team. Ginger looks up to me and I protect him. (Although Ginger is still growing, so he could actually end up bigger than me!) We would love to be adopted together - where we could dazzle you with our dance moves! Who would like to give us a chance at a permanent home? We would need patient caregivers, who understand that it will take me a long time (if ever) to become a cuddly lap kitty with you. For now, only Ginger is the recipient of my affection!


I am a fun-loving guy with lots of personality! I am cautious but curious and playful. It takes a while to win my trust but it’s worth it. As things turned out, I am much less shy than Ginger but more wary of being touched. When I'm sleepy though, I do love being petted and a nice back scratch! The place that I enjoy laying about is right in front of the fireplace....! I have a funny habit of licking my toys. Maybe I am marking them as mine, since I never had toys when I lived outside! I am a very curious cat, and love to watch foster parents go about their day. When it's dinner time, I get up on my hind legs and remind my foster mom that it's dinner time. I love sitting in window ledges watching birds and squirrels, but my favourite pastime of all is to sleep in a pile with Ginger, to bathe Ginger and to wrestle with Ginger. We sure hope to get our permanent home together soon.

    fredastaire fredastaire

fredastaire fredastaire


fred and ginger fred and ginger fred and ginger fred and ginger