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Lord Frontenac frontenac frontenac frontenac frontenac


I was also a rescue as a result of Sammie. After he went missing, many volunteers went looking for him. One of them found me. I was a skinny, starved. injured little thing, with cuts and scabs all over my body.  As sad as I looked, I was a happy friendly kitty, begging for food. The lady who was feeding Mr. Mewkept shooing me away, because Mr. Mew  and I squabbled for food. No one wanted me. I was likely abandoned outside, and even the people feeding homeless cats didn't want me around. :(

My rescuer had brought some food along for Sammie, but when she saw how much I needed it and how desperate I was for it, she fed me. I jumped into the carrier and that was it - I wanted to go home!

So, a foster home was found for me, and I needed a lot of care. I needed antibiotics and medications for all my injuries. I also had a nail imbedded in my pad which had to be surgically removed. I had go back to the vet many times to have my dressings changed. My foot was not healing, so I was going to have to get my toe amputated. However, when I went to the vet's for my amputation surgery, I had healed sufficiently and was able to save my toe! When I got stronger and healthier, I was neutered. I tested positive for FIV, but am likely just a carrier, as I am now a super healthy boy with a shiny sleek coat!

When I first came inside, I was really scared and shy. Not for long! I am now the most affectionate cat ever! I  love to sleep on laps, cuddle, give kisses and head-butts. I am so grateful for being rescued, that I cannot stop showering love on everyone I meet. My foster cannot understand how no one would want me - she says I am the sweetest most affectionate cat ever!

I also get along great with other cats. Now that I have no longer have to fight to try and find a scrap of food to eat, I am best friends with the two resident cats in the foster home. We play together and like hanging out and sleeping together.

I was named Lord Frontenac, since I was sort of living on Frontenac St. I looked anything but "lord-like" when I came in - I was a scruffy, dirty ragmuffin. The title "Lord" was bestowed upon me because my rescuers saw through the dirt to my noble nature and knew that I was deserving of that title!

Will you give a chance and adopt me into the permanent home I have been wishing on for so long? You will never regret it - as long as you want the sweetest, most affectionate, lap kitty ever! :)



frontenac frontenac frontenac frontenac frontenac
frontenac frontenac frontenac


frontenac frontenac frontenac frontenac
frontenac frontenac    

After surgery to have embedded nail removed from foot


frontenac frontenac  

Cleaned up, healthier, and settling in!


frontenac frontenac

Lord Frontenac loves other cats and is great with them