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Cat for Adoption


I was found motionless on a bike path near Billings Bridge area. I was just a tiny sack of bones, weighing only about 6 pounds. My rescuer took me to a vet, where they thought I was about 5-10 years old. My teeth were all rotted and in terrible shape. I have infections in my mouth, but cannot be given antibiotics until I gain a little weight and get stronger. I am not able to walk very much, and seem unable to sit. I was given some fluids to rehydrate me. I was scanned for a microchip, but didn't have one or any other identifying info. No one in the neighbourhood seemed to be looking for me or knew who I was. Despite my poor condition, I am an adorable friendly affectionate sweet girl.

My rescuer brought me in a warm bed in her garage and tried to feed me with a syringe, but I needed more care so she contacted Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue, and brought me straight to their vet. I was kept there for a week, and slowly started making progress and getting stronger and eating on my own. Blood tests were done, which showed that I had kidney damage. It was determined that I was actually considerably older - closer to 15-17 years old. Despite this, many kind people offered to foster me and even adopt me.

Thank you for caring about me. I had no one to love me when I lay on the path, and now I have many people who care about me. Thank you rescuer, fosters, vet and staff at Glebe Pet Hospital, and well-wishers.


Note - Tragically, Lucy took a turn for the worse, and died just as she was being picked up from the vet's by her new foster. The kind foster was prepared that Lucy may not have much time left, but was nonetheless willing to love Lucy for the remainder of her time. Lucy died at the vet's - with her new foster beside her. R.I.P. sweet Lucy - know that you touched all of our hearts and did not go un-loved and un-noticed.

September 29, 2013