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Miracle miracle miracle miracle

Domestic Medium Hair-Black And White

I am Miracle. Me and my two little sisters Summer & Solstice were born April 19, 2010. Our mom is Tuxedo-1. She and her sister Valentine were known as the Tuxedo twins. Our Aunt Valentine's children are our cousins: Mozart, Vivaldi, Pachelbel and Bach.

My sisters and I were born in a mould-infested filthy crawl space of an abandoned house. When our foster found out that our hole to our home was going to be plugged up and the abandoned house was going to be torn down, she spent a lot of time stalking us and eventually caught us to save us. We went to another foster, but our mom and one of our sisters escaped. A week later, our sister Miracle was found - starving and lost - and was able to be caught again. She was found on Summer Solstice, so that is how we got our names: "Summer", "Solstice" & "Miracle".

I am probably the most mischievous and curious of my sisters, which is why I followed my mom when she escaped out the window. But after I did, I lost my mom and it was not fun out there all by myself. I had no food and no water and no one to play with.

It poured with rain and I was wet & cold. I was so happy that I was found again, that I am now inseparable from my foster. I love being patted, cuddled and being scratched under my chin and on my belly. When she stops patting me, I use my paw to get her attention so that she doesn't stop.

I sleep on top of my foster as well. I love playing with my sisters. We have so much fun chasing each other, the ping pong balls and the other toys. We get a lot of exercise, so we sleep a lot! My sister Solstice and I are like twins. We look the most alike, we sleep together and suckle on each other - we still miss our mom. I'm the only one with an all-black nose. I look the most like our mom - in fact I could be her double

Our mom was not found again, so we only have each other now. We now suckle on each other since we don't have our mom. We would therefore really like to stay together and be adopted together if we could. We love to play together all the time, and we love playing with other big cats too. We have beautiful super shiny black & white coats.