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Cat for Adoption

Mr. Tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux

I am a handsome male tuxedo cat. I was nicknamed MR. TUX by the kind volunteer who took me to the vet, and the name stuck! I was being fed outside for a very long time - at least 6-8 months. I survived last winter outside, but life was starting to take its toll on me. When I first started coming to to be fed by my rescuer, I had a nice shiny sleek coat. However, as the months went on, I became scruffier and scruffier. My rescuer initially thought I was a pregnant female, as my tummy started getting bigger. Unfortunately, that was just due to parasitic infections.

My rescuer tried for a long time to bring me inside, but I was too smart and kept thwarting her attempts. Finally she was successful and boy was I happy to come inside! I fooled everyone! Everyone had thought I was going to be a super wild cat, as I was so difficult to bring inside. But surprise! I am the sweetest, most affectionate gentle soul you will ever meet.....

As soon as I was brought inside, I was well behaved and slept a lot. I was taken to the vet, where sadly it was discovered that I was FIV+. Despite that, the vet said I was very healthy and did not show any signs of having the virus. The vet estimated me to about 2-3 years old. I have been neutered, de-wormed, de-fleaed and vaccinated. I had fleas and a bad cut in my ear, but they were treated, and now I am a handsome, clean boy again!

Everyone comments on how sweet and gentle I am. Even other animals think that, as they accept me right away. I would therefore be fine in a home with other cats. I would love a permanent home where I would get tons of cuddles and lots of attention - I can never seem to get enough and need to make up for lost time while I was living out on the streets! Please consider making me part of your family if you would like a gentle affectionate lifelong companion.



mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux



mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux



mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux
mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux mr tux
mr tux mr tux mr tux