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Our adventures started when one day, a good samaritan was walking home, and heard a kitten crying. The good samaritan found a kitten laying on the ground in the winter! It was in a field not near any buildings so it was quite perplexing how such a small 6-week old kitten ended up there. The good samaritans brought this kitten home and to the vet, and later ended up adopting him. That was LOKI.

The good samaritans decided to go back and see if there were any other cats / kittens around, and discovered a drain pipe. After a lot of looking around and shining a flashlight into the pipe, they discovered a few pair of eyes. That explained the mystery of how LOKI got there. Momma either gave birth to her kittens in the drain pipe, or we were living there because we had nowhere else to go, and needed protection from the  snow.

So, the Rescue was contacted, and the long and complicated rescue began. Several volunteers tried for many days and weeks to get the other kittens and cats out of the pipe and inside before the cold winter weather hit. There were many challenges, including the fact that the cats were scared,  so they would hide. Our rescuers didn't know where the end of the pipe went and were afraid that we would be frightened into an even worse area to get us out of. Finally, the end of the pipe was located, so then began the attempts to try and get us out of the pipe. Our rescuers called roto-rooter companies and asked them if they would be willing to help. Our rescuers had to obtain permission to be on the site, and even after obtaining permission, security guards were constantly asking volunteers to leave. One volunteer was threatened with trespassing for leaving food for kittens, despite having authorization to be there. Finally, after a very long and complicated ordeal with many volunteers coming by and leaving food and water out for us, there was some good news! We were scared out of one end of the pipe and ended up flying right out the other end - into a waiting carrier!

There were only two of us - Momma MONA LISA (because of her Mona Lisa expression), and baby kitten DA VINCI. The Rescue kept looking for other kittens, there did not appear to be anymore. The other strange mystery however was that LOKI and DA VINCI (who looked identical) should have been the same age if they were siblings, but they were not. DA VINCI was a few weeks younger....  Volunteers with the Rescue therefore kept going out and looking for other cats / kittens in the area and leaving food. One other adult black and white cat was seen, and we don't know if that was DA VINCI's mother or aunt. Sadly, a black and white cat was hit on the road a few days later, and the other black and white cat was not seen again, and therefore presumed to be the one that had been hit on the road. :(

So just the two of us - DA VINCI and MONA LISA - went to an emergency intake foster home. MONA was quite scared from her whole ordeal, but DA VINCI slowly started trusting his caregivers in the new environment.

From there we went to a longer-term foster home, where there were other rescue kitties. We shared a room with CLAUDIO, and later THEO & GEORGIA. CLAUDIO and DA VINCI became joined at the hip. We were always playing together and sleeping together, under Momma MONA's watchful eye.

After our huge ordeal, Momma MONA LISA and kitten DA VINCI would love to be adopted together. DA VINCI is now a very social, happy playful kitten. MONA is still timid, but will come and sniff and eat out of your hand. There were also resident dogs in our foster home, and we got along great with the dogs! In fact - MONA loved the dogs better than her human caregiver, and was always rubbing all over them and hanging out with them.

Momma MONA LISA has been spayed and DA VINCI has been neutered. We have both been vaccinated and de-wormed. MONA is only a young mom - about 2 years old.

Please adopt us so that we can stay together forever, and never have to re-experience living in a cold wet cold drain pipe ever again! Thanks for reading our story.


MONA LISA: I am a gorgeous short-hair white with black female cat that is extremely intelligent. I am spayed, vaccinated and  Feline leukemia / FIV negative. I am very wise and observant, despite my young age. I am about 1-1.5 years old. I love dogs that are gentle with cats.

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DA VINCI: I am a super cute kitten with amazing black heart and butterfly-shape black markings on my white coat. I am extremely playful. I was 6 weeks old in early January. I have been neutered and vaccinated.

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davinci davinci davinci davinci davinci      



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In May of 2014, Momma MONA LISA was being transferred in a carrier with DA VINCI to a few foster home, and the bottom of the carrier fell out. MONA fell out and is still missing. DA VINCI stayed in the carrier and is now very depressed without his mother. We are still trying to get her back inside....