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I have the name of royalty, although I have lived through the exact opposite....

I was outside, scrounging around to find scraps of food to survive on in minus twenty weather, when my life changed drastically. I hit the jackpot and found a big delicious meal to eat. All of a sudden, I found myself in a completely different world! I was so terrified of this change, that I escaped out of my carrier into this warm and unfamiliar place.  I tried a number of hiding spots until I found one that worked - a deep closet. I hid in there for a couple of weeks.  It was a safe place for me - that housed food, water & a litterbox. However, when my vet appointment came up, a vet tech came to collect me and transported me in a carrier to yet another new unfamiliar world. Strange humans pulled and grabbed at me there. I was so terrified again, that I panicked and bolted. I tore around the surgery room and hid, and gave the vet and staff a lot of work to catch me!

Finally that was over, and from the vet's, I went to my new foster home. My fosters were very excited at my arrival and prepared a nice welcoming room for me. We finally thought my luck was going to change, as I settled down and slowly got comfortable and started trusting my fosters. They have a cat and I was so excited when he would come for visits. I would cock my head to the side, and let out these sweets meows of welcome to my new friend. Things were going well, and my new friend was helping me adjust. My fosters left the door to my room open, so that my friend could visit more often. I decided to follow my friend out one day. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized that my fosters recently started fostering  a dog. You can imagine my panic when a big canine monster came running towards me. I deeked into the nearest hiding place - which happened to be the cupboard under the kitchen sink. I was petrified -  that species which chased me outside - was suddenly inside my safe area!! The dog did not leave, so I found a secret hiding spot. Where the sink drainage pipe connected into the wall, there was a cavity and that's where I hid. I was so petrified of that dog, that I hid in there for 2 weeks! My fosters were at their wit's end trying to figure out how to get me out of there - once they eventually figured out where I was hiding. They kept water and food and a litterbox for me in the kitchen cupboard, so that I had everything I needed in there, but could not get me out. I was too terrified!

That was how I spent my first Christmas inside - hiding in a hole in the wall under the kitchen sink! Finally, my fosters succeeded in getting me out, after a few tricks on their end, and I went  back into my room. I was so happy to be back there! I had a window, toys and beds, and some space to stretch my legs, run & jump! I had seen no light for two weeks, so was very happy to see natural light and feel the sunshine again. I was also happy to have visits from my feline friend again! In fact, I was so happy to be back, that I allowed my foster to pat me for the first time! After a couple of weeks of being on my own in my foster room, I decided to move into my fosters bedroom. I was lonely on my own and enjoyed being around my fosters and hanging out with their cat. The foster dog was adopted, and I now enjoy hanging out on the cat tree.  I am no longer the super scaredy cat I was when I first came in....

As you can see, I've had several bad experiences, not to mention the ones outside -  which have all made me very shy and un-trusting of new people, and scared of loud noises.  I am a very sweet, handsome, gentle, non-aggressive boy! I need a very special and patient caregiver - who is understanding of my past - and willing to work with me. I am great with other cats, but definitely cannot go to a home with dogs!  Is that special person out there  - ready to give me a chance at knowing what a safe, permanent home can mean?

I am neutered and now about 2 years old. I am a very handsome long-haired gray tabby. I tested positive for FIV, but am healthy otherwise.

I hope my guardian angel is out there  - to give me a permanent loving home so that I can put all these bad experiences behind me, and live like the royalty I was named after.....! Are you my special caregiver?