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I am a very sweet-natured long-hair gorgeous black & white cat. I LOVE affection and attention, and love to beheld and cuddled. I can never get enough affection, and have a little bit of separation anxiety. That's because I used to have a family that loved me very much. However, my family could not look after me, so I was relinquished to the Rescue. I therefore get very attached to other cats and people, and then get very upset when they leave.

When I first came inside, I was put in a temporary holding room with the other School Portable Rescue kitties. I was a little shy at first and hid along with the other cats. I quite liked the kittens SPR#001. SPR#005 & SPR#008 and snuggled... When they all left to go to foster homes after going to the vet, I was left by myself and was very upset. I hid and didn't want to eat, and seemed quite depressed.

While we waited to see what my family decided about me, another emergency cat arrived was temporarily fostered with me - MR. TABBY. I was much happier after he arrived and ate again without any problem. However, when MR. TABBY was taken to the vet, I was got upset and hid again until he came back.

I am now in another temporary foster home and now that we know my family will not take me back, I would love a permanent home of my own, as I get very stressed with lots of moves. Because I am very sensitive, I would need a home who can provide me with lots of love and attention, and lots of food and vet care when required. The vet said I was one of the most undernourished cats he had ever seen. I was really sick when I first came in, and had to go back to the vet's three times! One time, I was hospitalized for a week! :(

However, I have now regained my strength, and put a little much-needed weight on. I have been neutered and vaccinated and de-wormed and am ready for my permanent home. If you love a super cuddly, snuggly cat, you will get all the love you could ever want from me. Please adopt me.

SPR002 SPR002 SPR002 SPR002 SPR002  
SPR002 SPR002 SPR002 SPR002  

Recuperating After Being In Hospital For A Week