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SPR#005 SPR005 SPR005 SPR005

I am the 5th little short-hair black kitten to come inside. I am probably the most timid. I was very scared when I was brought in to a new environment, but reassured to be with my little sister SPR#001. As soon as I was brought to her room, I ran and hid behind her. Later when my other brother arrived - SPR#008- I always hid behind him. He's probably the bravest among us three siblings.

There were many cats / kittens living under the School Portable. Our mother used to have a home, but when her family moved, they left her behind. She had a really difficult time fending for herself, trying to find food, shelter, and stay alive. She was sleeping under a staircase close to where she used to live, but was shooed away, so she eventually found shelter under the School Portable. That's probably where we were born.

I am enjoying being inside and having regular food and shelter, although I am still very shy. I am learning to play with toys and would love to be adopted in a home with other cats, and with my brother SPR#008 if at all possible. If you are patient and loving with me, I will become a snuggly lap kitty. I will just take a longer time to get there, so I need an adopter who is very patient. Please give us a chance! I am neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tested free of diseases and viruses!

SPR005 SPR005 SPR005 SPR005  


SPR005 SPR005 SPR005 SPR005