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Cat for Adoption

SPR#006 SPR006 SPR006 SPR006

I am the short-hair brown tabby. I was the 6th cat inside, and am super cute. Everyone was worried about me as I had many bite wounds all over me. However, they have now all nicely healed, and I am ready for a permanent home. I am a super sweet boy who gets extremely excited about food. When my fosters bring me my dinner or breakfast, I can hardly contain myself! I start mewing in excitement, head-butting, rubbing on their legs, etc. When I get super excited, I even give little love bites - as if to encourage them to feed me faster!

I am an easy-going, content, good-natured boy. I would probably do well in any situation except possibly being in a home with young children. Since I am accustomed to living with other cats, I would love to be adopted into a home with a feline companion. I am currently being fostered with "the twins" SPR#003 & SPR#007 - the other brown tabbies!

I am all ready to be adopted! I am neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. Please think of me when you're looking to adopt a super cute, handsome, sweet little boy.

SPR006 SPR006 SPR006 SPR006 SPR006  
SPR006 SPR006 SPR006 SPR006 SPR006