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Cat for Adoption

SPR#008 SPR008 SPR008

I am the bravest and most mischievous little male kitten of the three of us kittens (SPR#001 & SPR#005). I've got the cutest little face that just speaks of cheekiness. I too am shy, but like playing. It's very hard to tell my brother SPR#005 and I apart - as we are almost identical twins. When we went to the vet, I had a little spot shaved on my head so I would be easily recognizable, however it grew in so now it's more difficult. But I can be recognized because I am the most outgoing of the shy kittens. We have a new little "sister" in our foster home, and look forward to meeting her and playing with her. I would love to be adopted to a home with another cat, and especially with my brother SPR#005. He is even more shy than I am and very dependent on me, so it would be a shame to split us up. Please think of us if you are wanting to adopt gorgeous sleek little panthers. I am neutered, vaccinated and healthy. I have no FIV or Feline Leukemia. And if you're patient and willing to spend lots of time with us, we will become snuggly lap kittens with you, and with you alone! Thanks for reading our story.

SPR008 SPR008  


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