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Steinlen (aka Bessy)


When I was first brought inside, it was assumed that I was a girl, because I was so tiny and dainty, so I was named "BESSY". However, it turned out that I was a young male - a year or less. So, because I was rescued from the area where the Group of 40 "artist cats" came from, so I too was named after an artist. I was re-named STEINLEN - after the artist who painted the iconic poster "Tournee du chat noir".

I had been coming around for a couple of months during the cold winter, and in early February, the kind lady feeding me was able to bring me inside. I was timid, but also very curious. When I first came inside, my rescuer put me in a large pen - until I could get to the vet's. However, I escaped from my pen one night - of course the night before my vet appointment! :) I seemed very pleased with myself, and enjoyed watching my foster trying to figure out how to get me back into the pen!

My foster eventually got me back into the pen. I had enjoyed being out to stretch my legs! I was later taken to the vet for care. I am now neutered, and parasite-free! I was declared a healthy young boy by the vet, despite testing positive for FIV.

Although I am very timid, if you are patient and kind with me, it won't take me long to warm up to you! I am very curious and always want to see what's going on. Because I am so young, I love to play! I would love to be adopted to a home with another cat to play with - if at all possible! In the meantime, I'll be waiting for you in my foster home. Please adopt me soon - I can't wait to have my own permanent home!