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Cat for Adoption


I'm a cute little redheaded boy. I was first noticed by my rescuer who was feeding hungry and homeless cats outside. I showed up one day out of the blue. I was terrified, and stayed in the background. I was starving though, so as soon as she left, I ran to gobble up my share of food. After a couple of months of being fed outside, I started trusting her more and more, and would come up to her to be fed. Soon, I allowed her to pat me. I was so starving and hungry for affection, that I couldn't help myself. I overcame my fear in order to receive the affection that I was starved for. I really wanted to come inside, but there was no foster home for me to go to, so I stayed outside....

One day, there was a rescue plan for me. My rescuer fed me as usual, and then scooped me up into a carrier. Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue had arranged a foster home for me. My new foster met my rescuer out in the street in the middle of the night and brought me home, and that's when my new life began..... 

I was so happy to be inside. I was taken to the vet to be checked out. My rescuer believed I was a 6 month old kitten, because I was so tiny. However, everyone was surprised to learn that I was actually a 1-2 year old cat. I was previously neutered, so I was someone's pet at some point.  I was scanned for a microchip and checked for identifying info. Ads were checked and found report filed with OHS for me, but no one responded. No one knows if I was lost or dumped?

I was de-wormed, de-fleaed and vaccinated at the vet's. The good news is that I tested negative for both feline leukemia and FIV. Although a little undernourished and thin, I was deemed a healthy cat!

I was so grateful to be inside and have regular food, that I could not stop showering my love on everyone. I gave grateful purrs  and head butts, and got along even with the female resident cat - who was not so keen on me at the beginning. I am a very sweet little boy who gets along well with everyone. I am very cute, and pictures do not do me justice. Will someone please give me a permanent home?

TOBI still outside - trying to jump in the grocery bag to be brought home....


TOBI -  so excited to finally be inside!

The Talented and Athletic Tobi

Video of Tobi chasing his tail in the bathtub
Click here to watch the video.

** NOTE** TOBI was adopted and returned in December 2014 after 8 months, because he did not do well in the busy home with 3 young children below the age of 7. He would do well in an adult-only home with lots of one-on-one attention from his caregiver. He would also enjoy the company of another young male cat or a dog.