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Valentino Valentino Valentino Valentino

Domestic Long Hair-Black:

Valentino - a wise, handsome, strong survivor!

Valentino is named thus since he arrived on Valentine's Day 2010. He was another feral, and could possibly be related to Bella & Bambina since they look so much alike. They all get along really well, and could even be adopted out together as a family of three - mom, dad & daughter!

Valentino is a handsome long-haired black male with big green eyes, a fine-featured face, and long eyelashes. Although he was wild and had not probably had much positive contact with humans, he took a chance and asked for help by sitting on his foster's deck for 2 days when he was injured and bullied. His bullying did not end there - he was taken to a vet for assistance who in turn threw him & his foster out! So poor Valentino had to go to yet another vet to have his injuries tended to. To medicate his wounds and because his coat was so matted and dirty, his coat was completely shaved off.

Valentino is a gentle soul who loves to play. He gets along really well with all his foster brothers and sisters. He is so happy to have a family, that he will often jump into bed to cuddle up with one of his foster siblings. Now that he is no longer starving, he is cleaning his coat meticulously. He is shy around humans, but if you're patient and like to play, it won't be long before Valentino becomes your best friend!