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Walden walden walden walden walden
Walden at the vet's.

I am a special little boy.... I was found on the highway by my rescuers. They first noticed something black on the side of the road and stopped to see what it was. I was so weak, but because I was so terrified, I used every ounce of strength I had to try and run away. But being so weak from my severe injuries and from starvation, I quickly got tangled up in the ragweed and fell down, so my rescuers were able to scoop me up and brought me home. They contacted the Humane Society and tried to find an owner for me everywhere. No one claimed me....

I was extremely sick and almost perished. I have a broken femur - which started to heal without being treated. I will therefore always have a big limp and a crooked leg. I have a broken tail. It is so badly broken, that it will have to be amputated. That will have to be done when I am stronger and can withstand surgery. I also had a terrible infected wound right to the bone - on the leg that was broken. I had a huge infected abscess there, which my rescuers treated and were able to draw out the infection. The vet says I am one of the most emaciated starving cats he has ever seen. I am literally a sack of bones - each bone and vertebrae in my body can be identified and felt individually. Because I was starving so long, my tummy was very upset once I started eating and had chronic diahrrea for the first three weeks. Sadly, I have also tested positive for FIV. In addition to all of the above, the vet suspects that I have possible neurological damage from receiving possible head trauma. However, it is possible that my coordination is off just to my weak condition. Hopefully with time and lots of TLC, I will get strong and healthy, and become as agile as other kitties - despite my permanent limp from broken femur and lack of tail.

After spending some time with my rescuers, they were able to bring me into town and to the vet. I then lived at the vet clinic for two weeks, while I recuperated. I have put on a little weight, and was treated for worms and parasites. I was on medication to treat the diahrrea, and now my tummy is working fine. I finally am well enough to go to a foster home, and finally have a foster home to go to!

I am the tiniest little male cat you have ever seen. I am all black - with a little white star on my chest. I am part Siamese, and have the build, structure and vocalization of a Siamese. Even though I am extremely tiny, weak, am not able to walk very well and will soon just have a stump for a tail, I have a HUGE personality. I am the sweetest, cuddliest, most affectionate little guy. I am so grateful for the attention, care and food I received, that I purr and ask for cuddles all the time. (Initially, when my rescuers first found me, they thought I was a wild feral cat.)  I was terrified of people.  (Possibly for good reason - if my previous caregivers just dumped me out of a car onto the highway....) I however bear no grudges, and you would never guess that I was so terrified of people initially. All I want now is to be cuddled and held....

My age is unknown. I am the size of a three-month old kitten, however that is due to the severe starvation I endured and got very stunted. I am likely about 6 months old. Once I have put on some weight and my health is stable, I will hopefully be strong enough to have a couple of operations.  I will be neutered and my tail will be amputated. After that, I will be ready for my permanent home. I get along great with other animals. I want to be friends with cats and dogs, and am not at all aggressive or threatening. I would love a home with other animals to play with, and a home where someone is home a lot to give me a lot of attention....

Thank you rescuers for not just leaving me on the side of the road. And to those reading this, please read my story as a reminder to be kind and help all animals in need - wherever you find us!