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Cats Rescued: 311


Volunteer Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in volunteering with HHCR. Complete this form and then click the Submit button. It may take a day for us to contact you. We appreciate your interest and desire to help.

Personal Information - This information is kept private and not stored on any accessible servers.

Address: (Street name & number, city, prov, postal code)
Phone number: (Include area code)



What kind of role(s) are you intereted in volunteering for?

Feeding, aquiring, driving, home visits and assessments, writing, etc.


Animal Contact History

Please describe briefly a little bit about your experience with cats. Ownership, the neighbour's cat, volunteer work, etc
Do you currently have pets?
If Yes....
Name/Type Age  

Have you ever fostered an animal?
Yes No

If yes, for whom?



Our needs vary greatly over a year but what kind of time commitment do you think you could comfortably offer.

Hours per month (Generally...)

Do you have a car? Yes No
Languages (Conversational) English French Other
Do you have any allergies or medical conditions that we should know about while working with you?  
Your Occupation/Employer

Job Title


Between Jobs

What unique skiils do you possess which might be useful for us to know about
What is the primary reason for volunteering?
Are you able and willing to transport the animals to appointments with the veterinarian? Yes No
To and from locations in order to help find a home for the animal? Yes No
Are you willing to meet with and/or speak to prospective adopters? Yes No
Are you willing to assist with home visits?
Note: Visiting the prospective adopter’s home gives us the opportunity to assess whether the animal will be going into a safe and nurturing environment?
Yes No
Additional Comments or questions?