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Cat for Adoption


I am a gorgeous fluffy medium-hair tortoiseshell kitty. I have shades of light gray and pastel peach, all mixed into my coat. I am one of the kittens rescued from the Group of 40 outside. I am only seven months old. I was named after the British artist Dora Carrington. I am a very bold, playful little kitten. I love playing with the cat dangler toy when my caregiver dangles it for me. I am a very quick pouncer, so I keep you on your toes when you play with me! I also love chasing the laser pointer, and am a champion with the turbo scratcher. My favourite game of all though, is to drag in the jute mat from another room, and then lay down and proceed to kick the life out of it! If you adopt me, please be willing to get me several replacement jute mats! :-) I am very reserved with new people initially, but because I love to play, it won't take me long before I entertain you with my playful antics. I love other cats and would do best in a home with a young feline playmate. I am spayed, vet checked and vaccinated. Will you please give me a permanent home so that I never have to endure a cold winter outside again?


Carrington in her new foster home:

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carrington carrington

Note - Suddenly and tragically, Carrington died at the vet's after she was brought in because she did not look well the night before. She was in foster care with her brother Claudio who thankfully was bonded to the other foster kitties, so was not left all on his own. R.I.P. our sweet Carrington. Even though Carrington never had a permanent home of her own, she was well loved by her rescuers and fosters.  We will all miss her and are devastated by her sudden death.
February 12, 2014