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Cat for Adoption

Fred Astaire

I am the handsome, talented Fred Astaire - ready to break into a dance move at any moment! I was first spotted in the neighbourhood - hanging around various porches. At first, it was thought that I had a home, and was just hanging out. I am thin, but kept my tuxedo shiny and glossy, and am quite meticulous with my appearance. However, it soon became apparent as I ran and cowered when approached, that I was homeless and had nowhere to go. My rescuer was putting food out for another homeless cat, when I gratefully found the supply. I kept coming by for the food more and more frequently, as the weather got colder and colder... So, plans were made to bring me inside, however I took my time! I was eventually brought in (after too long of a wait for my Ginger Rogers who was impatiently awaiting my arrival), and taken to the vet. I was declared a healthy, disease-free one year old male. I tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. I am now neutered and vaccinated. After the vet's, I was taken to my foster home, where Ginger was waiting for me. However, I still had not met Ginger and was pretty unhappy about my ordeal at the vet's. It sure scared me - being poked and prodded by people that were unknown to me. So I kept to myself in my foster home, and hissed and growled if anyone got too close. I wasn't ready for a repeat of the poking and prodding. Eventually I understood that my foster was trying to help me, so I no longer hissed at her - unless she came in too quickly and scared me. I now like sniffing her fingers and allow her to give me brief pats - when bribed with food. However, finding my Ginger was wonderful for me. He understood what I was going through, since the same thing had happened to him! One day I perched on the window ledge beside him and that was it - we became a tight team. Ginger looks up to me and I protect him. (Although Ginger is still growing, so he could actually end up bigger than me!) We would love to be adopted together - where we could dazzle you with our dance moves! Who would like to give us a chance at a permanent home? We would need patient caregivers, who understand that it will take me a long time (if ever) to become a cuddly lap kitty with you. For now, only Ginger is the recipient of my affection!