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I'm the most adorable, affectionate sweet-natured cat! I get along with all cats and love everyone. I am so grateful for the assistance I received outside, that I am even more affectionate - if that is even possible!

I spent the most miserable winter of my life outside. I froze, I had no water to drink, and nowhere warm to sleep. A couple of students first noticed me outside during the winter. They thought I had a home at first, but when they noticed how ragged I was, they realized that I did not, so they brought me some food. They saved my life and kept me fed throughout the winter. They were not able to bring me in, but contacted their aunt to help them, who in turn got in touch with the Rescue, so that is how I am here today!

I was brought inside and taken to the vet's. It was estimated that I am a young boy - about 2-3 years old. Everyone at the vet clinic commented on what a sweet, affectionate good-natured fellow I was. I have been treated for parasites, neutered and vaccinated.

There was no foster home available for me right away, so I had a bit of an adventure. I went into a cage in an emergency intake foster home, where I shared a room with another homeless cat and an international student! From there, I was able to go into another emergency intake foster room for a few days, where I could stretch my legs with a room to myself. And then finally, my current foster home became available. That was such a relief, as my foster gave me lots of attention and allowed me to sleep in the bed with her. I was in heaven, as I had really missed the human attention. I ended up sharing my foster with another SOCHI rescue. During our initial few days, we became close and quite bonded to one another. We ended up sleeping and cuddling together a lot!

I would love a permanent home with other cats. I am the most affectionate people-cat, but also love my feline companions. Since SOCHI and I are quite bonded, we would do well being adopted together. Please give us a chance and a real permanent home, where I don't have to ever spend another winter freezing outside!


junior junior junior junior junior junior



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