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Sochi sochi sochi sochi sochi & junior

I am a beautiful all white medium-hair male cat. I was named SOCHI because I look like a big snowball, and trained hard like an olympic athlete to survive outside! It's unknown how long I was outside for, but I may have spent all winter out there, judging by how thin and the rough shape I was in. My fur was all matted, I had a patch of fur missing from my left hind leg (was possibly shaved?), I had cuts on my forehead, goopey eyes and a cut in my ear.... :(

My rescuers started feeding me in May, when I was finally brought in. They had been feeding me for a few weeks beforehand. Because I did not have anywhere to live, I slept wherever I could find a little shelter - sometimes under the deck, sometimes in the window well, and sometimes in a bush.

Since I have come inside, I have been neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated and cleaned up! I am now a very handsome, healthy boy! I LOVE other cats, and am quite bonded to JUNIOR whom I am currently fostered with.

I am a little timid until I get to know you, and would love a home with another social cat. I  ADORE other cats! Because I was starving so long, when I eat, I tend to wolf down my food, so I would need a home where I would get 2-3 regular small feedings per day. Please take a chance on me, and adopt me so that I finally have a permanent home of my own.



sochi sochi        



sochi sochi sochi sochi    



sochi & junior sochi & junior