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I am the handsome Rimbaud, named after the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. I am part of the Group of 40 kittens rescued from outside who were named after artists. I am not as bushy / long-haired as my brothers Van Gogh, Claudio and Theo. Instead, I am short-hair, orange, 1-year old tabby. You may notice in some of the pictures that my eyes look different. That's because I had an eye infection outside, which has now since healed. The vet checked it, and says I can still see fine out of that eye, and there is no more sign of an infection. My character is quite like Van Gogh's. Actually, all of the brothers have very similar personalities. I too am very laid back, quiet and relaxed - a very peaceful kitty to have around. In fact, the more nervous cats come up to me for comfort, because I am very stable and relaxed. Yet, I'm also extremely playful! I love playing "tag" and "chase" with other cats, and running through the tunnel. I love chasing the laser pen and cat dangler, when my caregiver plays with me. I impress her with my athletic ability, as I leap on and off the cat tree! When she talks to me, I softly blink my eyes at her - thanking her for everything. I now have regular food, water, a bed, warmth and a (temporary) home - something I never had outside! I am still shy around new people, but if you're willing to patient with me, it won't be long before I'll let you pat me and sleep with you. I get along great with other cats and would do well in a home with other feline companions. In fact, I quite enjoy being groomed by my pretty young foster sister! I am a great cat and would love a permanent home - will you give me a chance? I have been vet-checked, and am vaccinated and neutered.



So where is everyone? I was first spotted outside as a tiny kitten. I had cuts and wounds all over my tiny little body. I was later brought inside and taken to the vet to be cared for. I was also neutered, vaccinated, microchippped, de-wormed and de-fleaed. Because there was no foster home for me, I had to go back outside. Many people were upset about this, and said that it was not fair. They offered to foster me and adopt me when I was back inside. Well, I'm back inside now - and where are you?

I am a really cute little short-hair orange male tabby. I am under a year. I have the cutest little face that will put a smile on your face. I am a "Type A" cat. I am very busy and like to get things done. I am very athletic, and like to run laps. I play a lot and never stop - until I collapse and fall asleep. I love other cats, and would be well suited in a home with other cats to play with. I will keep you entertained with my comic routines of running laps, poking my nose into everything, and my cute little face. Will you please  adopt me into the permanent home I was promised?

In their foster home together:

reddy and rimbaud reddy and rimbaud