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Cats Rescued: 311

URGENT NEED: Sponsoring, Fostering and Adopting of Cats / Kittens
There are many hungry and homeless cats outside urgently needing your help. They urgently require medical attention, food and a home. They also need to be spayed and neutered as soon as possible.

One such group is the Group of 40 of young cats and kittens. You can read the press release about this situation and view the media coverage of this emergency. Sadly, some of the cats did not make it and perished. The ones we know about include baby kitten Été , Star's baby kittens , and Arnold.

The cats requiring immediate adoptions or long-term foster homes include:

Ava   Four Seasons Family      



There are many cats outside still requiring medical assistance.
Please sponsor / foster, so that we can bring them inside.....
cat with no tail Orange and white male cat with no tail     Black and white homeless cat      

Mother cat and litter of kittens


    Possibly pregnant female kitten      
cat with no tail

Black cat being fed by people who are moving


      Two 5-month old kittens      

Two 6-month old kittens


    Homeless cat in the Glebe      
homeless cat in the glebe Homeless cat in the Glebe     homeless cat in chinatown Homeless cat in Chinatown      
injured cat in the glebe Limping/injured cat in the Glebe              
homeless cats of ottawa

You can help by:

  • Providing a long-term foster home for these cats. Some cats require medication so experienced foster homes are especially sought after. 
  • Adopting these cats and giving them a chance at having a loving permanent home.
  • Financially sponsoring one of these cats - so that they can come inside and get the vet care that they require.

Please contact us if you can help. Thank you.